Wind & Storm Services in Michigan

Flood & Fire Solutions’ cleanup crews provide professional emergency services for wind, ice, and storm damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our teams specialize in debris removal, security board-up, damage assessment, content storage, and cleaning.

For wind and storm recovery services throughout Michigan, trust our recovery team – call us at (888) 646-8448 or contact us online..

Storms are a way of life in much of Michigan. Yet when storms send debris raining down on your home or cause damage to your roof, you need professional help. Flood & Fire Solutions has a professional storm damage cleanup team that is ready to help you get your home back in good working order. We specialize in debris removal, security board-up, damage assessment, content storage, and content cleaning, so we can help with your problem, no matter how large or small.

If your home or business has been damaged in a storm, trust our recovery team. Call (888) 646-8448 or contact us online to schedule your storm damage inspection.

Storm Damage Services

At Flood & Fire Solutions, we know how devastating severe weather can be. That’s why we offer comprehensive storm damage services to homeowners and businesses. After over two decades in the industry, and with more than 60 years of combined experience, you know you can count on us to restore your property as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Our storm damage services include:

Damage Inspection

Severe wind, ice, and storm damage—such as damage to framing or walls—often goes undetected. Regardless of the extent of damage, the Flood & Fire Solutions experts will provide critical emergency services to ensure your home or business is secured.

For inspections due to wind and storm damage, let Flood & Fire Solutions assist. Call our recovery team at (888) 646-8448 or contact us online to get started today.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Effective storm damage mitigation is directly related to response time. Rapid response can mean the difference between saving valuable possessions and equipment or sending them to the junkyard. Immediate stabilization can be achieved by protecting the interior. If necessary, our highly skilled and experienced responders can apply a board-up to secure your home or business.

For storm damage cleanup services throughout Michigan, trust Flood & Fire Solutions – call our recovery team for content recovery and debris removal at (888) 646-8448 or contact us online.

Content Recovery & Cleaning

In these situations, moving quickly is of great importance to salvage your valuable personal items. To learn more about how Flood & Fire Solutions can recover or clean your belongings, visit our Content Recovery and Cleaning page.

Act Quickly to Reduce Storm Damage

Wind and storm damage leaves your home or business vulnerable. You need to act quickly to recover and restore your property while removing dangerous debris. With Flood & Fire Solutions, you can. We are here for you whenever bad weather strikes. With fast wind and storm damage inspection services followed by content recovery and content cleaning services, we can protect your property and its contents from further damage.

Storm damage cleanup is hard, potentially dangerous work. Don’t tackle it alone and put yourself, your property, and your possessions at risk. Contact Flood & Fire Solutions at (888) 646-8448 or by reaching out online to discuss Michigan storm and wind damage inspection, storm damage cleanup, and content recovery and cleaning services for your property.

Storm and Wind Damage Prevention Tips

As a restoration professional, it’s our job to provide storm and wind damage services. However, we prefer it when buildings remain safe and undamaged in the first place. Follow these guidelines to protect your home or business from heavy rains and strong winds:

  • Trim back tree branches.
  • Clean the gutters and point the downspouts away from the foundation.
  • Repair loose shingles, missing flashing, and other roof damage promptly.
  • Make sure the soil around the building slopes away from the foundation.
  • When a storm is on the horizon, bring loose belongings inside and anchor down patio furniture and other heavy objects.

Despite your best efforts, storm and wind damage may still occur. Trust Flood & Fire Solutions to deliver the restoration services you need.

Wind and Storm Damage FAQs

Do you have wind and storm damage in your Michigan home? Check out these common questions we hear here at Flood & Fire Solutions!

Can I start restoration before filing an insurance claim?

Yes, you can start your wind and storm damage restoration before filing an insurance claim, and in fact, you should do so. Protecting any property that’s not damaged is critical, and your insurance claim will take time. Flood & Fire Solutions can help you board up your property, salvage belongings that haven’t been damaged, and protect your property from further damage if additional storms develop while you’re waiting for the insurance claim to come through.

My damage doesn’t seem too bad. Do I have to deal with it?

Yes, damage needs to be taken care of right away, because most storm damage gets worse with time. A storm damage restoration professional can help you evaluate the extent of your damage to see what types of repairs need to be done.

A tree fell on my property during the storm, what should I do?

Fallen trees are very serious problems, particularly if they fall on your home or vehicle. The first thing to do after a tree falls is to assess the safety of the situation. Get out of the home until it has been evaluated for safety. Call your insurance company right away to open the claim, then call Flood & Fire Solutions. We are here 24/7 to take your call, and will help you protect your home and ensure the safety of your family. If you can do so safely, take pictures of the damage to help with your insurance claim while you wait for your contractor to arrive.

Storm damage is a serious problem that you need to address quickly. If you have wind and storm damage in Michigan, call Flood & Fire Solutions at (888) 646-8448 or contact us online for immediate help with your wind damage.

Call Us for Storm Damage Cleanup

Flood & Fire Solutions has been a trusted name in storm and wind damage services since 1997. We are proud to be independently owned and operated, which allows us to focus all our efforts on the Detroit area. Rely on us for any storm damage services you need, whether large or small, residential or commercial.

We’ll help you get back on your feet once the storm blows over—contact us today to get started!